Get help with tech in your own home in and around Chichester or in a 20 mile radius
If you live within a 10 mile radius of Chichester, West Sussex, I can visit you at your home or venue or your choice, to help you with your technology questions or problems.

Tech Support for your loved ones. Whether it's a parent, grandparent or simply a friend in need - I can help.


Too far away to help your loved ones with their tech at home?  If they live within the radius above, I can visit them and give them a helping hand.


I have a strategy I can share that says goodbye to the little password book that lives in handbags and wallets.


Got an ‘Alexa’ and a ‘HIVE’ but can’t get them to be friends?  Or just got your HDMI’s muddled with your USB’s?  I can teach you or set it up for you.

Other ways I can help

I provide tech support for the following services and products to individuals. Don’t see what you need on the list?  get in touch anyway as I may still be able to help.
So your loved ones can video chat hassle-free and keep in touch! From setting up accounts for the services to showing the user how to get up and running. I’ll also leave some simple notes to help out after I’ve left.
The BEST way to access them whenever they are needed. Whether you’re at home or away on holiday without your usual device.
Store and share your precious memories within your family. I can setup iPhoto or Google Photo albums to enable photo sharing with little intervention.
Keeping computers and laptops up to date so they last longer and stay secure.
How to use them to their full capabilities. From social media / photo sharing / iMessage v text message, this list could go on and on.
I can teach you my strategy that means the end of the little password book that lives in handbags and wallets!


1st 'We meet' you can vent your tech frustrations with me. Meetings can take place face to face, over the phone or via video chat. Your first meeting is completely free.

2nd 'Lists'

I will make a list of the work needed and prioritise it based on your requirements.

3rd 'Schedule'

Once you've decided to work with me. I'll share this list with you and we'll book some time in to get get cracking!

4th 'Relax'

Following our meeting, a weight will be lifted off your shoulders, you'll receive a written summary of what was covered. You may even get some homework to practice what you've learned!


Jump straight to No 2

Pricing I charge by the hour, plus any travel requirement – simply get in touch for a quote. Want to keep costs down? Why not gather a group of friends or family in need of tech support? I’m more than happy to deliver training and advice to groups! You never know… my enthusiasm for tech might be infectious!


Office Hours

My office is in Chichester and I usually work Mon to Fri 09:00 to 18:00

Out of hours calls are possible: give me a call to discuss if you have an urgent problem I may be able to help with.


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